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Admiralty Law

Ships and boats can travel in US waters but the operators of these water vessels must be knowledgeable about admiralty law. Injuries, deaths and damaged cargo falls under the responsibility of both the captains as well as the ship owners.

Aviation Law

Because air space cannot be legally owned by any party, governments are required to regulate and monitor the activities of commercial and private plane owners in order to keep hazards to a minimum. Aviation laws are constantly changing so keeping up with them will help you to avoid causing air traffic related accidents.

Family Law

Children are especially at risk because they are often not able to speak for themselves in the court system. This is why Child Protective Services and other governmental agencies are used to evaluate the parents and guardians that have been accused of neglect and abuse.

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What Is Professional Negligence?

Professional negligence can often be difficult to understand, particularly considering there are many aspects that are considered in this realm of the law. Basically, negligence is considered to have occurred when any professional who claims to have expert status in a particular field acts with negligence or in other words, provides services that are below what someone would expect from an expert.

Examples of professional negligence include doctors who fail to properly treat a patient, attorneys who misrepresent their clients, accountants who allow their clients to miss crucial tax deadlines and financial advisors who misrepresent facts about a specific investment to their clients. There are other examples as well, but these are the most commonly reported incidents involving professional negligence.

Fortunately for consumers, there are laws that are in place to protect people from professional negligence. Professionals are expected to always provide services to the best of their abilities and when services rendered are below the standard, lawsuits can be filed. Anyone who feels that he or she is a victim of professional negligence should take steps to seek compensation. The law states that consumers have the right to file a lawsuit and seek compensation for the negligent actions of any professional in any field.

If you feel that a professional did not perform services to the best of his or her ability, speaking with an attorney who specializes in negligent cases is essential. Your attorney can help you to determine if you have a valid case for a lawsuit and how to further proceed to seek the compensation to which you may be entitled. Some attorneys work on a no win – no fee basis which simply means that if you do not win your case, you will not be responsible for paying attorney fees. You should check with your attorney to inquire about the fee structure during your initial consultation.

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