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Admiralty Law

Ships and boats can travel in US waters but the operators of these water vessels must be knowledgeable about admiralty law. Injuries, deaths and damaged cargo falls under the responsibility of both the captains as well as the ship owners.

Aviation Law

Because air space cannot be legally owned by any party, governments are required to regulate and monitor the activities of commercial and private plane owners in order to keep hazards to a minimum. Aviation laws are constantly changing so keeping up with them will help you to avoid causing air traffic related accidents.

Family Law

Children are especially at risk because they are often not able to speak for themselves in the court system. This is why Child Protective Services and other governmental agencies are used to evaluate the parents and guardians that have been accused of neglect and abuse.

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DSK Rape Victim Loses Credibility

Ever since Dominique Strauss-Kahn was charged with raping a NYC hotel maid, his supporters have attacked the character of the unnamed victim. The maid, who had only been working for the hotel for a few years when the alleged crime occurred, has made conflicting statements, and her past has come under scrutiny. While the prosecutor has pleaded for other victims to come forward, the entire case hangs on the statements of Strauss-Kahn and the hotel employee.

Although there is DNA evidence, it has come to the attention of authorities that the victim was not completely forthcoming. Instead of alerting hotel security immediately after the alleged attack occurred, the victim claims that she continued to clean more rooms. Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested on board a flight headed for France, and was immediately imprisoned at Rikers Island. The former IMF Bank chief has been accused in the past of being sexually inappropriately at times, but he contends that all acts between himself and the unnamed maid were consensual.

The defense for Strauss-Kahn believes that the accuser is fabricating her story. The woman, who immigrated to the United States 16 years ago may have lied about being raped in order to gain amnesty. Strauss Kahn's lawyers are digging into her past, and they have uncovered that the alleged victim has been paid in excess of $100,000 a year for performing questionable services. She has also been linked to criminals and her mother is a member of a political party that opposes Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

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