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Admiralty Law

Ships and boats can travel in US waters but the operators of these water vessels must be knowledgeable about admiralty law. Injuries, deaths and damaged cargo falls under the responsibility of both the captains as well as the ship owners.

Aviation Law

Because air space cannot be legally owned by any party, governments are required to regulate and monitor the activities of commercial and private plane owners in order to keep hazards to a minimum. Aviation laws are constantly changing so keeping up with them will help you to avoid causing air traffic related accidents.

Family Law

Children are especially at risk because they are often not able to speak for themselves in the court system. This is why Child Protective Services and other governmental agencies are used to evaluate the parents and guardians that have been accused of neglect and abuse.

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FDA Looks To Pass New Food Safety Law

The Food and Drug Administration has been under intense scrutiny since the recent Tylenol recalls and E. coli outbreaks. The agency responsible for ensuring that all food and drug products manufactured or imported into the US are safe has failed to identify several major safety issues. Although Congress has already reduced the FDA budget for 2012 by over $100 million, the agency is looking for more money to pass a new food safety law. The money would be used to train more inspectors and implement more stringent safety regulations.

Republicans believe that the Food and Drug Administration is well within its power to regulate the industry without the need to increase its budget. With the federal government looking to reduce costs across the board, it is unlikely that Congress would give the FDA an additional $1.4 billion for the new law. Some lawyers believe that the FDA could further push the issue if it was able to show that the safety of US citizens would be at risk without new regulations.

One of the industry that probably will be unaffected is pharmaceuticals. Each year, thousand of new prescription drugs are released on the market while food manufacturers face tougher restrictions. Even still, tainted batches of meat, produce and prescription drugs have sickened and even killed thousands of Americans. Whether or not the FDA is able to get the money that it needs to fund the proposed new law, the agency will need to put better food safety regulations into effect.

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