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Admiralty Law

Ships and boats can travel in US waters but the operators of these water vessels must be knowledgeable about admiralty law. Injuries, deaths and damaged cargo falls under the responsibility of both the captains as well as the ship owners.

Aviation Law

Because air space cannot be legally owned by any party, governments are required to regulate and monitor the activities of commercial and private plane owners in order to keep hazards to a minimum. Aviation laws are constantly changing so keeping up with them will help you to avoid causing air traffic related accidents.

Family Law

Children are especially at risk because they are often not able to speak for themselves in the court system. This is why Child Protective Services and other governmental agencies are used to evaluate the parents and guardians that have been accused of neglect and abuse.

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New Law Toughens Approach To Russian Cabs

The Russian government has just implemented new, tougher laws in relation to how taxies operate in the country. Under the new laws, which came into force on September 1st 2011, all Russian mini-cabs will now have to install a meter to ensure a fair and consistent pricing scheme as well as journey tracker so that their routes are recorded. In addition, all taxi’s will now have to be clearly marked (with an orange light and checker side) and the laws regarding drivers have also been toughened meaning that you will now need an approved permit and 5 years experience to drive a licensed and therefore legal cab in the country.

In Moscow alone there are estimated to be nearly 50,000 unlicensed taxis and, under the previous law, they could charge whatever they liked meaning that tourists often paid well over the average rate for a journey.

The new law has heavily split opinion. Those in favour argue that it will prevent any more unlicensed drivers taking their customers and charging a fortune to unsuspecting tourists. That being said, the new laws do have some very strong critics. Yaroslav Shcherbinin, who is the chairman of the Russian Union of Taxi Drivers, argued that will heap a large financial burden on those drivers who are trying to get licensed. Not only will they have to alter the cosmetics of their vehicles to comply with the new guidelines but they will also need to buy the necessary equipment such, as a meter, in order to continue working.

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